Strategy Sessions

Are you ready to ROCK a brand new Strategy for your blog or online business in 2017…?



Ask yourself this question, why are you here? Perhaps you’d like to talk with a professional Writer/Blogger. Maybe you’re thinking about making some changes to your blog or online biz and are in the market for some guidance about how to monetize or drive more traffic to your website, through social media or other avenues? Perhaps you want to build an online course or learn how to make sales through your blog and/or to your Etsy shop? Or maybe you’re trying to get solid marketing or UX data results that you’re just not seeing yet. Booking a Strategy Session would be really helpful to you, for working on any of the above mentioned issues and more!  

During these sessions I work with you one-on-one over the phone (or on a Skype phone call, if you’re outside of the U.S.) to uncover problem areas within your online business or blog. You should bring at least 2 targeted questions about your current (or pursuit thereof) Writing/Blogging career, Social Media Marketing strategies , Online Biz questions/problems or any general questions relating to Entrepreneurship. Together, you & I will come up with actionable solutions for your online business that we can either test in real-time or we can discuss your goals and how to reach them, while you take notes. It’s up to you and it’s all the same price. It’s YOUR time to build a strategy with my professional help.




My upcoming course, Blogging #101 will be launching just in time for my birthday (mid-March 2017). Other Blog Coaches in my field charge upwards of $500/hr for the same service that I’m providing and I’ve been a professional blogger for 12 years. So if it’s not the lack of qualifications, what is it? To be honest (all cheesiness aside), I prefer to help people get their blogs off to a great start at a price they can actually afford! When I started my blog, I definitely could not afford anything close to $500/hr or even $300/hr….but $200/hr, that’s something that people can wrap their heads around!




During this first month of the year, January ONLY, I’m offering a 50% discount on my Strategy Session. So ask yourself, is 2017 the year that you’re finally going to launch your online business? Because now is the time to book a Strategy Session, so we can discuss your online biz goals & ideas then, how to bring those ideas to life!!

I’ve been fortunate to receive some truly kind Testimonials, from clients all over the world and wanted to share a few of them with you here. Please take a moment to read these nifty “cards” that my awesome assistant Lauren created on my favorite DIY Design site, Canva!

To set your own date & time for a Strategy Session, just click here to put yourself on my calendar! I can’t wait to talk to you soon….


Jessica Adams @alegriasmuse

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