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If you choose to submit a Guest Post on our site, you’ll receive the promotional benefit of our entire Social Media Platform. Once your post has been published onto our site, we’re going to take your post on a virtual tour of nearly every social platform you can think of (for more details, please check the promotion section towards the end).

If your submission is not posted within a few weeks, this is most likely due to the fact that we have more posts than we can use at the time. If there is an issue with the quality of your post, our Executive VA, Lauren will contact you about working on your post. You don’t have to accept her offer but she IS our Editor-in-Chief, who has her MFA in Creative Writing. I absolutely encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from her guidance, free of charge!


Guest Post Submission

Guidelines & Requirements


What’s In a post?

We encourage you to submit original posts only (see main & sub-categories for inspiration). Your post should be a minimum of 850 words. If this number is shocking to you, please note that most of the posts on this site average approx 1,000 words. There isn’t really a max but if your post is longer than 1,500 words, you might consider splitting it up into a series! Remember to use headings to break up longer posts, usually about 1200-1350 words.


  • Your post should be uploaded as a PDF or Word document.
  • Please submit your post in its final format. Posts are scheduled for publishing at least one week in advance and any necessary editions will be made by our Executive VA, Lauren Ambrose.
  • Feel free to notify of us links you wish to include in your post, the exact location of where you want your links posted (i.e., par 2, sentence 3 social media management). We do not accept keyword links back to third-party businesses unless relevant to your topic. If we feel that there are too many links in a post, we may remove some at our discretion.
  • We ask that you please do not plug any giveaways and please limit any products or events to one per post.


We will edit your post for the basics; spelling, punctuation and grammar. Obviously you’ve already done this but you’d be amazed at what a fresh set of eyes can find in your work! We may change the title of your post, edit introductions or conclusions, add headings for easier reading, or re-work your post in other ways to make it easier to follow and/or for SEO purposes. Please know that our edits are not a judgment on your writing! We want to make sure that every post gets the best possible exposure and each edit is made with that goal in mind.

There are times when the overall concept of a post is great but the format or style needs a little more work. If we’re extremely busy preparing other posts for publication we may send yours back to you for a touch-up or rewrite. While this might seem discouraging at the time, the reality is that if we’re sending back for a touch-up, we’re doing so because we want to work with you and truly value the work that you’ve submitted. Remember, the unified goal here is to get your work published!


This site requires that every post have a featured image and that you include one or more pieces of visual content in your post. Having visual content can truly mean the difference between a good or a great post! Ideal image sizes include: 750×300, 1000×1500 and 1000×1000. Please only upload photos that you own. Images found on Google Image, Flickr, Pinterest, other blogs, etc are not permitted (even if you “credit” the owner of the image). Images obtained from legally FREE OR PAID stock image websites are absolutely fine!

A few examples of stock photo sites where you can find amazing visual content for FREE are: stocksnap.io, unplash.com, pixabay.com, gratisography.com, lockandstockphotos.com, deathtothestockphoto.com and so many more! I strongly urge you to check out one of our site’s most popular posts on where to find tons of free stock photo sites to help you in your search for images.

Author Bio & Promotion of Your Post

Your bio should be 4-5 sentences about yourself and what your website/blog is about. We recommend including a link to your blog, your Twitter handle and don’t forget to upload a profile picture of yourself, which we will keep on hand for any future post submissions to our site. Also, please help us promote your post! We would appreciate if you’d direct your readers to the article (perhaps in an email blast) on the day it runs, along with lots of social media marketing on your end!

We’ll be pinning your post to all of OUR relevant Pinterest Group Boards (we currently have 6 boards but we Pin to approx 38 other Group Boards), to each of our team’s Twitter feeds, Facebook Pages, Several Facebook Groups, multiple Instagram accounts, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Instapaper, Digg, Tumblr, Newsvine, about.me & more!

*alegriasmuse will approve all content for publishing at their own discretion. We reserve the right to NOT approve any post that we consider inappropriate or not a good fit for our readers. Please read through all of our categories before submitting a Guest Post.

Attach your post in a Word.doc or PDF along with any images, in an email (clearly describing where all of the images should be placed throughout the post), directly to my Executive Assistant, Lauren Ambrose.

Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!


Jessica Rose Adams


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