*My Blogging #101 course is in beta right now but I’m getting ready to do some live webinars to introduce the course, along with an early entry sale! 

The course will include a weekly group video chat*, 3 private scopes per week, bi-monthly individual 1 Hour Skype sessions with me*, access to a private Group with current & past members*, lots of free materials/printables/e-Books/video specials and of course, actionable content, tools, challenges and freebies (including advice from several special guests at the top of their fields in Professional Blogging & Related Industries) within the course classroom, which will be hosted by Teachable.

*Anything marked with an asterisk will be available in a premium version of this course, including but not limited to, a FREE Strategy Session to plan and implement specific ideas for the blog that you’ll be creating.


Blogging 101 – Discover Your Passion Niche

Blogging 101 is a personalized course (with general guidelines) that I’ve created, for anyone interested in discovering their “passion niche” (photography, fashion, food, coaching, current events, animals, movies, I could go on forever!). Once you’ve discovered your niche, you’ll need a platform to share your unique perspective, in this case, a website or blog. I would be incredibly honored and excited if you chose me to help you discover your “passion niche” and to navigate all the rest of the details involved in becoming a Pro Blogger.

typewriter-801921_1280I help my clients to build the foundation they need to start this new & exciting chapter in their lives, whether they’re 22 or 62! I strongly believe that a JOB should consist of doing something that you truly enjoy and that is the key to building a lasting career. I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered my own passion niche and that it involves helping others to do what I love to do. It is a very rewarding career path, helping people gain the necessary knowledge to prepare for eventually becoming a thought leader within their chosen niche.

I’m extremely enthusiastic about helping others discover what makes them want to get up in the morning, walk into their office and start working because they want to! If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you’re going to fail and failure is NOT an option when you’re working with me. I care just as much about whether you’re a success as I am and this is the support & encouragement that I offer as your Pro Blogging Coach. *The links highlighted below are just some blog posts that have been published on our site to give you an idea of what topics we’ll be covering. The Course Modules themselves are not actually based on any one of the posts.*

The Blogging 101 course will cover:coffee-desk-laptop-notebook-medium

  • How to set up your blog; chose a web host, register your domain name, we’ll cover basic html/web development, some coding & basics of web design. We’ll also cover lots of essential tips for newbie Bloggers, like how/where to promote your blog & it’s posts, how to increase your blog’s traffic and how NOT to make the most common mistakes that Bloggers make when starting out on WordPress!
  • Finding your Passion Niche; This is a term that I coined which loosely translates to “a niche market that you’re PASSIONATE to write/teach about, that makes you HAPPY to write/teach about and how you can make a sweet living at doing just that.
  • Branding & Design; You’re going to learn all about how to create a Brand Swatch for your business, so that every piece of content you put out there is clearly from YOU! For this module I have invited two experts, one with Branding & the other, Design, to each teach an entire lesson! You can also look forward to an extra course bundle and/or materials from these experts.
  • How to create and USE an Editorial Calendar & Daily Checklists
  • This module is not only incredibly important but there’s a chance that the entire module will be an entire course within Blogging #101, specifically focusing on How to Become a Successful Freelance Blogger/Writer. This module will be taught by yet another expert in this particular field, who will not only be sharing how to best create content for your blog but also, how to create content that you can pitch and sell to other blogs or online magazines. This person already has a course that focuses on How to Pitch Yourself & Your Work (while offering tons of viable leads within the Freelance Writing industry!) and will be sharing that course, along with lots of extra courses & materials.
  • You’ll learn how to create Written & Visual Content for SEO
  • Social Media Marketing 101 – This module will be PACKED as we cover every major Social Media Platform, Automation Tools & I have another expert lined up to teach a lesson in here (and include his own successful course on the subject), all about How to Rock Periscope!
  • And, everyone’s favorite….How to Monetize your Blog!
  • Applications for Productivity & How to Keep Your Pro Blogging Biz Organized
  • Email Marketing #101 – How to create valuable content in exchange for people’s opt-in to your master email list (which is literally your lifeline!)
  • And much more….the lessons & modules are being updated all the time!


Recruiting-Retaining-Quality-Employees-croppedThere will be LOTS of free materials in the form of PDFs, books, podcasts, webinars & more! I am carefully gathering all the study material that you will be responsible for and I take your commitment to this course very seriously, as it is the proven method for how I got to where I am today. Countless hours of reading books/blogs/course material, watching webinars, listening to podcasts, engaging in online communities, taking courses & online university classes….several blogs & two successful small businesses (still operating) later, I am so excited to be in a position where I can share my learned expertise with anyone who wants to get where years of hard work got me!

I look forward to working with you!

Jessica Adams @alegriasmuse

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