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Hello and thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web! My name is Jessica Adams and I’m the Founder (& Head Visionary) of alegriasmuse, a “How-To Hub” for Creative Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Brands & Online Biz Owners. We offer the tips, tools & resources you’ll need to create a profitable online business with your blog and within your very own passion niche!

But first, a brief history lesson…

alegriasmuse is a fusion of the words “alegria” (pronounced a-Leh-GRIY-aa) which means joy or happiness in Spanish/Latin and the word “muse“, which means a spirit or source that inspires an artist; inspiring creativity. These two words were combined with the intention of providing new meaning to a new term, alegria’s muse = happiness’ muse and was inspired by my love of Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria”.

Back in college my ex-boyfriend & I would perform live music and together, we composed a beautiful arrangement of “Alegria” that I sang and he accompanied with his guitar. In my early 20s, as I was (like most everybody) trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I would (over)use the word muse all the time! “This song is totally my muse during my creative writing class” or “Nina Simone is my all-time ‘female singer muse'”, which is my response to “who inspires your singing?”

Eventually, an inside joke emerged….my ex would refer to me as “Alegria, always trying to find her muse or happily inspiring others to do the same”. So he decided that “if happiness had a muse, it would be (me) Alegria!” He was in love with me….

What did we learn during this brief history lesson? “alegriasmuse” is in fact ME. Considering the definition of the term, you can see I’ve set the bar really high for myself (eeesh!). I have to say, it’s turned out to be the best way to describe my brand & biz since most of us ARE our own brand & biz 😉

So what if random webinar moderators call me “alegg-ree-yah miss?” 

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alegriasmuse.com is born

After 10+ years of freelance ghost writing for startups, corporate blogs, authors & bloggers, I discovered my own “passion niche” (which is how that term was coined!). I wanted to take my knowledge of social media marketing, WordPress customization, branding a biz, designing opt-ins using Photoshop or Canva, etc… I was tired of speaking FOR other people, AS them?!  I want people to understand the words that are coming out of MY mouth, in my own voice. create & launch my own website to use as a platform for my message, which is launch a profitable online business with their blog. 

I’ve spent the past 4 years studying everything & everyone whose stories of success within this niche of “supporting, teaching & guiding other bloggers” are very well known throughout the Blogosphere.  I read & subscribed to all of their blogs, downloaded their books, listened to their podcasts, bought 1-on-1 strategy sessions with coaches in my niche and started taking (some free, mostly paid & well worth it!) all of the best courses from these “niche titans” similar to the one that I’m now creating, Blogging 101.

I love to write about whatever I’m currently studying (I’m a sponge, obsessed with learning & always taking at least 1-2 online courses interested in developing for our readers.  In between those posts I’m always creating evergreen content for anyone out there wanting to learn about all things blogging, social media marketing, coaching, branding, design, email marketing, productivity tips….yada yada yada!  I’m hopeful that readers will find our blog posts, resource lists & how-to guides helpful to their own blogging journey.

Discovering your “passion niche”

With so many blogs/bloggers throughout the world, providing anything for everyone, you NEED to stand out if you’re going to succeed. For example, I want to help people discover what theirpassion niche” is.  You know, that thing that gets you out of bed every morning and literally helps propel you to your laptop!  A niche, however broad or specific, that YOU know all about, you can’t stop reading about, taking courses on, absorbing like a sponge because you truly LOVE it!  That’s what you should be Blogging about because it’s the only thing, the niche that you’re passionate about, that will sustain you during however long it will take to become a profitable business and lasting career.

I want to show people that it IS possible to find your passion niche, to launch a blog, monetize it correctly and promote it through social/live stream media, podcasts, etc…to create a profitable online business through your blog that makes you happy and that you’re truly GREAT at sharing with others.

These are the keys to online success and as you can see, there’s no gimmick or hook, just a lot of good ‘ole fashioned WORK! But I promise you one thing, this work that I’ve done and will continue to do for as long as I can, has also been the most fun I’ve ever had working in my life. As a Creative Entrepreneur, Blogger, Brand & Online Biz Owner myself (I know, it’s a mouthful!), I’ve had the pleasure of meeting & working with such diverse groups of people over the years, most of whom have shared how much they appreciate my authenticity, honesty and sense of humor (I can be a bit sarcastic).

I work with clients 1-on-1 when they schedule one of our popular & successful Strategy Sessions. They have always been so incredibly interesting and flat-out FUN, not to mention….I love meeting new people!  Everyone has their own style of working and mine is to always enjoy what I’m doing!  I’d love to hear from ALL of you anytime, so please reach out to me on social media and/or get on my email list, which is truly the best way for us to stay connected.  Just click on this link to join The Muse Tribe and you’ll automatically receive 2 helpful freebies for creative biz owners/bloggers!  I want to hear all about your entrepreneurial journey and learn how I might help you with your blog, brand or online biz! 


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