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Thank you so much for stopping by our little corner of the web! My name is Jessica Adams and I'm the Founder & Head Visionary of Alegria's Muse, a "How-To Hub" for Bloggers, Brands & Creative Entrepreneurs. NO NO NO NO!! This site is NOT a How-To Hub for Bloggers, although that IS what I originally set out for it to be.  If you head over to my blog you'll notice that while I've carefully removed the date from each post, its URL tells the tale.  That's right, I hadn't published ANY new content on this site since JULY 2016!! The reason I said hadn't as opposed to haven't is because by the time you read this, I'll have changed that.

the beginning - what the heck was i getting myself into?

When I started this blog/biz, I wanted to do exactly what you're trying to do now.  I wanted to make money online, with a blog or design biz or whatever....the point is, I wanted to make MONEY (from home)!!  Why from home?  I have a young daughter, a co-dependent dog and until Nov '17, no reliable transportation to call my own.  

I started this journey like you.  I looked up ways to make money online, read about everyone making 6 figures JUST from blogging (don't believe the hype, there are like 5 women who have managed this feat) and I wanted in on the action!  So here's a bit about my background and how/why I thought I stood a chance in hell of making this work. 

Over the last decade the most important thing I've done was have my daughter Claire.  As for what I've done career-wise, well I started a few businesses, did some Freelance Writing and Blogging here and there... If you really want all the details of my past work and qualifications, I encourage you to check out my LinkedIn page because typing it all onto here would literally kill me.

Why you need your own vision to succeed in your own biz

Here's the deal,  I wanted to make money by using my extensive knowledge of the Blogosphere and in my voice, create a website where I could share tips & resources for Creative Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Brands & Online Biz Owners. In the beginning, this website was an overall "Lifestyle Blog" because IF I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT JUST ONE AREA OF BUSINESS EACH DAY, I COULD HAVE STAYED AT MY 9-5. But no, my dumb-ass read a book from a well-known Blogger who (in his own experience from 14 years ago) decided that UNLESS YOU FOCUS ON ONE MAIN AREA/TOPIC, YOU'LL LOSE YOUR AUDIENCE.

This Blogger wasn't wrong....for 2003. How many blogs do you read TODAY that cover many different areas and are wildly successful? There are TONS, in fact most of my favorite sites cover a wide range of topics (relatable across the board though, you've got to know your audience)! I decided, since he was my first chosen Blog Mentor (no, it wasn't Pat Flynn...although he too, tells his audience that you HAVE TO NICHE DOWN AND GET SPECIFIC) that everything he said was GOLDEN and I should follow his rules (my mistake). 

What I didn't realize at the time was that I had NO IDEA HOW TO GO ABOUT MAKING MONEY ONLINE in my own UNIQUE way. I didn't know what my "passion niche" was. So I took the advice of the first successful blogger I seriously followed and deleted lots of successful blog posts I'd written, spanning three other categories that used to exist on this site. As a result, I only wrote "evergreen" content that provided how-to's and tips on blogging itself (which I later realize was NOT my passion niche, it was the Blogger dude's).

the formula

I've spent the past 4 years studying everything & everyone who has had a success story within the niche of "supporting, teaching & guiding other bloggers to success".  Again, I didn't select this niche because it was my passionin fact I realized (too late) that I was copying these "Niche Titans of the Blogosphere".  I wasn't copying their content, rather, their position and their why.  You're probably thinking, "Someone's WHY is very personal, how could you inadvertently copy another bloggers' why"?  It's so much easier than you think and to tell you the truth, most Bloggers I see on Pinterest or on social media are doing THE SAME THING.

Do you know what happens when everyone reads the SAME blog posts floating around on Pinterest (a search engine, not a social media platform)?  They end up on the SAME mailing lists, take the SAME courses by the SAME self-proclaimed "gurus" of "blogging, social media marketing, sales funnels, course-creation, DIY design, etc".  No really, go look through your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  I'll wait.

For the most part, did you find that the "Bio" for almost everyone in each of the NICHES I mentioned above, read pretty much the same? Oh, and did you find that most of your followers are people who follow the select group of people who YOU follow? It's crazy, right?!! How does anyone lock down their OWN audience? Is it even possible? How could this happen??

Does this happen to EVERYONE?? Short answer: abso-freaking-lutely.

The way it happened to me was that I read & subscribed to ALL of the popular bloggers, social media marketers, sales funnel experts, course-creators, brand experts & DIY designers. I downloaded their FREE checklists and e-books, listened to their podcasts, purchased 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions with Influencers in all of those niches and started taking online courses from each of the best "Industry Titans".

I can't tell you how much money I've SPENT on my business in the past 2+ years vs how much I've made (I have made some money!). BUT guess what all that studying did??  It put me in a uniquely qualified position to help people navigate their way through a lot of their own questions, like which niche to settle on based on their work history and what they love to do. I call that finding your "passion niche" and my passion niche happens to be helping others figure out what theirs is, while earning an income for myself

Making money with my online biz was only one category on my blog and was only discussed in a few of my posts. This is because I hadn't yet found my OWN FORMULA for creating a unique, successful blog/website that generated tons money (hint: all of your money doesn't have to come from the site itself). More on the later!

awesome Jess, but HOW??

LOL, um.... excellent question my friend! Please read About the Re-Brand for the how and for MY WHY!! Yep, I figured out my why is and it's ALL MINE 🙂 If you'd like to figure out how the heck to find YOUR WHY, I have the perfect person for you! You totally need to schedule a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session with her (me) NOW!! Then we can talk, figure out where you're at, how many courses you've paid for and never looked at, how we're going to save you from bankruptcy until your "money-generating blog" actually brings home the bacon, etc... 😉


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