About the Re-Brand (Making That Money)

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you started with About the Muse but if not, click on that link real quick! This page, About the Re-Brand is just that. It’s all about how after being creatively (and financially) stuck for over a year, I had a”lightbulb moment” which lead to a “re-focusing” of my blog’s intentions, while also re-designing the entire Alegria’s Muse brand itself.

The intention of Alegria’s Muse

I used to write blog posts about whatever I was studying (I’m a sponge, truly in love with learning) or interested in developing for our readers.  I also focused on making sure that each post produced evergreen content for anyone wanting to learn about all things blogging, social media marketing, branding, design and productivity tips, since those were my main categories. For the record, those are all categories that I am passionate about helping others with since these are all the building blocks to running a profitable online business. BUT learning about those categories ALONE are NOT going to make you money. 

Discovering your “Passion Niche” 

With so many blogs from all over the world providing ANYTHING for EVERYONE, I want to help people discover what THEIR passion niche is.  You know, that thing that gets you out of bed every morning and literally helps propel you to your laptop!  A niche, however broad or specific, that YOU know all about, can’t stop reading about, taking courses on, absorbing like a sponge because you truly LOVE it!  That’s what you should be Blogging about because it’s the only thing that will sustain you during (however long it takes) to become a profitable blog or business and lasting career.

I want to show people that it IS possible to discover your passion niche, to launch a blog, monetize it correctly and promote it through social/live stream media, podcasts, etc…to create a profitable online business through your blog that makes you happy and that you’re truly GREAT at sharing with others. BUT I also want to show people that while creating a product/service, monetizing a blog and promoting on social media is a great formula (that everyone uses)…. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WHILE BEING INSPIRED/ING AND BECOMING TRULY HAPPY!

A Little History Lesson

The word “alegria” (pronounced a-Leh-GRIY-aa) means “joy or happiness” in Spanish/Latin and the word “muse” means “a spirit or source that INSPIRES an artist; INSPIRES creativity“. So what is Alegria’s Muse? “Joy’s Inspiration”, given a full definition here (by me) “a source of inspiration, encouraging you to find JOY in the life you’ve always dreamed.” Cheesy? No, I like to think “sweet”. To the point? Absolutely!

how I’m “getting there”

I work with clients 1-on-1 (a service I provide) when they schedule one of our popular & successful Strategy Sessions. They have always been so incredibly interesting and flat-out FUN, not to mention…I love meeting new people! Which brings me to my latest venture of becoming a LYFT driver to supplement my blog/biz income! Lyft driving incorporates making money with meeting new people and I can share my good and bad experiences with all of you in a new (coming soon) category on the site!

I’d love to hear from ALL of you anytime, so please reach out to me on social media and/or shoot me an email (all of that info is below). I want to hear all about your entrepreneurial journey and learn how I might help you with your blog, brand, online biz… Or how to help you find a way to stay afloat while you discover your own passion niche

What inspires your true Joy & Happiness?

Is it raising a family? Becoming a millionaire? Teaching people about religion/spirituality? Helping fellow moms navigate the crazy world of Blogging? Making money from your blog/online biz so that you can have financial freedom and less stress from the day-to-day grind? Affiliate links are great but they take time to pay off. Selling products and services are the lifeblood of online businesses but even those don’t pay out right away! How about, finding OTHER ways to make money while you wait for that Blogging pay-day to arrive? Those are all of MY “muses”, my inspiration for becoming truly happy….”Alegria”!!  


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