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30 Mind & Body Life Hacks For Women At Any Age

It’s incredible, all the things that we learn about our environment and their relationship to our life. Each of the life hacks listed below, directly affect our daily lives throughout several categories. From health hacks, diet and exercise hacks, to everyday life hacks!

Life hacks are all the rage these days and why wouldn’t they be? Despite whatever you think the term “life hack” means, here’s what Wikipedia says: Life hack (or life hacking) refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of lifeToday’s post in particular will focus on Mind & Body Hacks For Women At Any Age!

30 Mind & Body Life Hacks For

Women At Any Age


  1. This first “life hack” isn’t really a hack so much as it’s a reminder of our body & minds’ connection to the benefits of simply being touched.  Physical touch makes you healthier. Studies show that massages, hugs and hand-holding, reduces stress and boosts the immune system.
  2. Upon waking, stretch your arms up and elongate your spine while saying out loud “I’m going to rock this day!”
  3. Moisturize and use eye cream like gangbusters! According to my mother, you should have started this trend at age 20 (according to my 61 year-old mother with amazing skin!) but hey, today’s a new day!
  4. Exercise 3-4 times a week. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is THE best workout according to Kinesiology Scientists and each workout takes 7-9 minutes, so no excuses!
  5. You don’t have to eat like a bird, just stay away from Ronald McDonald.
  6. Call your parents at least 2-3 times a week. One day they’ll be gone and you’ll wish you could hear their voice again.
  7. The same goes for grandparents, except you should make sure to VISIT them too…
  8. Get a dog. The health benefits are staggering of course but it’s the gift of love and affection they’ll bring you every day….you’ll always have a shoulder or paw to cry on.
  9. Don’t skip any annual doctor visits once you’ve either had a baby or entered your thirties (whichever comes first). If you take care of your car but not yourself, you’re an idiot.
  10. Cut a slit through the top of your last coffee can and start a “wanderlust vacation fund”. My current can is filling up in anticipation for a “girl’s adventure” with my daughter & I + her amazing Bonus Mom!
  11. Never make a big decision when you’re “Hangry” (Angry as a result of Hunger or Low Blood Sugar).
  12. Listen to Your Heart. Not just an awesome Roxette song, this “mui importante” muscle in your body may “skip a beat” in the movies, when in love but in real life? Tell your doctor immediately if that shit happens…it’s not romantic.
  13. Deep breathing and meditation will always help you exercise your demons a little easier. Is it the cure-all for major issues? No. But with a clear and present mindset, you’ll be able to make better major decisions. Including all the little decisions that are necessary to make when trying to fix a big problem…
  14. Omg, this one is a LIFE SAVER at any age, ANY gender…. You know when you accidentally pull your hoodie or drawstring sweatpants string out? How many items have you literally thrown away because you lost that string and chaffed your poor fingers trying to shove them in the string hole in an (FAILED!) effort to somehow grab the tip and pull it out to safety?! Never fear…. Just stick the remaining string into a straw and staple it, then watch it easily loop back through!
  15. Regrets can last forever so always tell people how you feel because you could miss out on opportunities.
  16. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO. So at least try to speak up and have the courage to ask. What’s the worst that can happen?
  17. Fun fact about fruit: The mango is the most popular fruit in world. It also helps against cancer, clears skin and lowers cholesterol.
  18. Getting sunlight exposure (while wearing your SPF 60+) in the morning will help you weigh less….I’m sorry, whaaaaat?!
  19. When you don’t eat for 12 hours, your metabolism slows by 40%. This is why regular meals are essential when trying to lose weight.
  20. Sex makes women’s hair shinier and skin glow because of the extra estrogen produced during the process. As if I needed another reason to….
  21. Procrastinating? Wash your face, brush your teeth, jump in the shower, etc. Something about making yourself clean helps you get “psyched up & motivated” to crawl out of your procrastination funk!
  22. Take a glass of grapefruit and lemon juice in equal parts, to dispel fatigue and general tiredness!
  23. Drinking a cup of green tea before a workout will give you a big energy boost and help you burn up to 20% more calories!
  24. Don’t eat sugar, starch or high fructose fruits (in excess). Don’t drink anything “hard” after 35 (wine is fine!) and if you smoke….stop that shit already!! Finally, as our D.A.R.E. officers used to tell us back in 7th grade, “Say No To Drugs!”
  25. (Speaking of drinking)….If you’re uncomfortable or unsure of what to do when dealing with rowdy children, take a step back and think of them as tiny drunk people. This is literally one of my favorite life hacks and as a mother, a helpful tip!! Although, I personally like to imagine drunk people as baby monkeys….but that’s just me! The rest of these hacks are dedicated to all my ladies who have the babies 😉
  26. In case of emergency, you can use crayon colors as candles. They can burn for up to 30 minutes!
  27. How about a heavy-duty, DIY floor cleaner recipe? 1 Cup White Vinegar, 1 Tablespoon liquid dish soap, 1 Cup Baking Soda, 2 Gallons of tap water, very warm. Mix and get cleaning!! It’s a lot safer with far fewer chemicals….for the little ones in your life.
  28. Those thousands of photos we all take of our kiddos throughout the years….well, remember to take the photo AS IS, then zoom in and crop it later. Your pixelation ratio from the original image will have such better quality than if you zoom and shoot straight away. And you know we all want our digital pics to come out looking great as much as our moms wanted the film photos of us growing to look fabulous!
  29. When pulling an all-nighter, take a 15-20 minute nap just before the sun comes up and your body will reset itself.
  30. When getting your baby to sleep through the night on his/her own, take a nap when they’re up (being supervised, of course!) with their precious blankie or lovey. Really get your body odor of that blanket as much as possible!! Don’t get grossed out NOW….Once they have a blanket with your scent all over it, they’ll be able to transition OUT of your bed and into THEIRS much easier. You’re welcome!

I’d really love to hear from all of you, about some other great life hacks that you just can’t live without! We’re thinking of publishing a weekly life hack list with different themes (i.e., for mamas, single ladies, married life hacks, people in their 20s, 30s, 40s….you get where I’m going with that!).

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Whether or not we do this will depend on the response from YOU (no pressure) in the comments and on social media. So please speak up because we’re “new” and are trying to find consistent types of articles that you’d all like to read. If not the life hacks, maybe you’d like to read something else consistently from us?

Check out our categories and let us know in the comments!


Jessica Rose Adams

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