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How To Gain a Whole New Audience With Live Streaming Video

A few months back I began to notice more page views on my website, more followers on all of my social media accounts, more email subscribers and direct messages from people who liked my content and wanted to learn more about my products & services.

Can you guess what I discovered to be driving tons of new traffic to my website? Or how I’ve been able to develop authentic connections with people in real-time, expanding my brand’s audience? If you guessed “with Live Streaming applications”….then you’re right!

How To Gain a Whole New Audience With Live

Streaming Video


“But I’m a Writer, Not a Speaker”

Over the past year, I’ve talked with loads of my Blogger Buddies about Live Streaming video apps such as Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram Stories & Facebook Live. I’m always shocked at how many Bloggers say “I’m a writer not a speaker! The appeal of being a Blogger is connecting with people from behind my laptop”. While I understand where they’re are coming from, I wonder if they realize what an impact Live Streaming can have on their bottom line?

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I am a Professional Blogger, a writer not a speaker. Yet a huge part of my blog’s audience actually discovered me in person, through Live Streaming on Periscope and most recently, Snapchat. In order to gain notoriety within your niche, you need your content in front of as many people as possible.

You’ve got to branch out, expand your horizons & stay current with the times! Written content can easily be re-purposed as spoken content, so I started sharing my content about Blogging on Periscope & Snapchat where a whole new audience could find me…and they have!


Your Website is Your “Hub” but Your Audience Goes Wherever the Party Is…

“It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation,” says Periscope’s founders on their about page. “While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video.”

Everyone out there knows that social media is THE place to promote your blog’s content. Live Streaming is just another type of social media platform. For example: People can read about your blog or biz on your Facebook Page then click on the link you provide, to your website. Those same people can watch you on Facebook LIVE and actually watch & listen to you share your post content as you discuss it in real time.

They can also type in questions or comments that everyone watching can read and that you (streaming live) can respond to in real time. If you can’t respond to every question in real-time you can watch the playback and take notes, to help you craft new ideas for future posts. It’s like responding to comments on your blog posts but on a whole other level!

I'm a Blogger, a writer but a huge part of my audience found me through Live Streaming! Click To Tweet


Allow Me To Introduce “The Live Streaming Club”

  • Snapchat: This isn’t exactly live streaming, rather video-messaging that lets users share photos and 10 second videos. Users then add live-motion graphics, text & live drawings to their “snaps” (as they’re called). These snaps can be “rolled” together, shooting 10 second video after 10 second video, until you get a 30 second message across. Snaps that were once only available to view for up to 24 hours, are sticking around a lot longer with one of their latest features, “Memories”. 


  • Facebook Live: Facebook just had to have their own Live Streaming platform but this is only for public figures or celebrities with a verified page. The “famous person” starts a live broadcast that’s posted to their Newsfeed and he/she can view comments in real-time. This app is only fun if you’re obsessed with famous people or you’re actually a famous person. The rest of us are trying to become celebrities in our own right!
  • Instagram Stories: Who says people don’t want their 15 seconds of fame? Okay, so it’s 15 minutes we’re all after but on Instagram you can post up to 15 seconds of live streaming video. Cool thing about this app is that you can actually cut an existing video and select the exact 15 seconds of it that you’d like to share on your Instagram Feed.


  • Periscope: Twitter’s live streaming app peaked early on if you ask me. With the more recently new and more hyped about Facebook Live & Instagram Stories, it’s just not the app that EVERYONE is is already coming up on it’s 1st birthday in March (it’s a Pisces like me!). Periscope allows broadcasters the ability to share relevant content, a live event or an interview from their brand’s own channel.


  • YouTube: Yep, even YouTube has its own take on live video streaming with their app, YouTube Live Events. Users can record live video of what they’re watching and post it onto to their account for their YouTube audience to watch. I don’t know that I’d call this authentic live streaming but hey, YouTube just had to get in the game too!

How Your Audience Will Grow With Live Streaming

  • Your audience gets to “meet” the person behind the words they already love to read!You also get to meet your audience, learn their real names, where they’re from and just maybe, experience their sense of humor.


  • Both you & your audience can ask each other questions is real-time Of course they’re just typing in a question or comment and you, the broadcaster gets to speak your response. BUT you can always check out their broadcasts and ask them questions as well.
  • You can introduce your audience to your real world Give your audience a tour of your office or introduce them to the dog and/or kids you always talk about. You can deliver your 20% (personal) in person. *The 80/20 Rule: Deliver 80% Business + 20% Personal in your writing/streaming.


  • They will get to know your sense of humor Do you ever use sarcasm in your blog posts and wonder if anyone is getting the joke? Now you can see through the amounts of hearts you’re given & comments, exactly if/when your audience is laughing with or at you!


  • Thanks to Chatterbox, you can quickly poll them! This is a great idea when deciding between two themes for a future post….just ask the people who read what you post already! Chatterbox is a Google Chrome extension that you can have on your laptop in real-time, while you’re broadcasting from your phone.


  • Literally call attention to your biz’s action – Perhaps you have a new Call-To-Action, perhaps an e-book or a resource page that you use as a freebie for opt-ins to your mailing list. Live Streaming apps are a great place to make that announcement in real time! 

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Has Live Streaming Replaced the Need For Blog Post Comments?

I have noticed something really interesting since expanding my audience with Live Streaming. I receive 78% less comments in the comment section of my blog posts?! When I asked my audience about this on Periscope, most of them said that they didn’t feel a need to leave a comment when they knew they could ask me on Periscope and that I’m easy to reach on Twitter.

The question of removing the comment section entirely from your blog’s posts, has been a hot topic in recent years, in the Blogging community. In our increasingly impatient world, people want their questions answered faster so they go straight to social media to find the author! With this new information directly from my own community, I wonder if I’ll be next to remove the comment section from my blog’s posts?

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