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10 Creative Ways To Break Through Writer’s Block

This site’s purpose is “Helping Bloggers and Creative Entrepreneurs discover their ‘Passion Niche‘ then, how to launch a profitable online business within that niche and ROCK IT!” Naturally, you’ll find blog posts on this site with tips and tricks for Newbie or Professional Bloggers.

Lots of “How-Tos” such as how to drive traffic to your website, start a blog, grow your email list, make money blogging and tips for social media marketing, organization, creativity & productivity. Even with such clear topics that include a myriad of sub-topics, I’ll often find myself staring at a blank computer screen, completely stuck with a case of writer’s block!

You might be thinking, “just head over to Pinterest and take a look around, you’ll find some inspiration”. But writer’s block is more than just a lack of inspiration (although that can be the very case at times). I know that I can find all sorts of inspiration for writing topics throughout the blogosphere and social media. In fact, I have 11 post drafts sitting in my editorial calendar right now but I’m still suffering from writer’s block! So I decided to do a little research and wanted to share with you, 10 creative ways to break through writer’s block.


10 Creative Ways To Break

Through Writer’s Block


1. Do a Brain Dump 

You might be thinking “if she could extract anything from her brain, wouldn’t she be writing something?” Not necessarily. Too many ideas buzzing around in your brain need to be extracted and literally dumped out on paper, so you can see them with your own eyes.

Once you can see your ideas right in front of you, a mixture of random words and short sentences, you might begin to notice a pattern. Finding similarities and making connections with your words and phrases will definitely help you pin down some basic ideas to start with. 

gilmore-girls2. If you’re used to writing in “your special spot”, maybe a reading Nook or up against a tree….

It might be time to change that up! If you’re used to having your environment completely quiet, you might want to turn on some tunes or perhaps, leave the news on. My personal favorite is having a TV show on in the background but something I’ve already seen.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had The Gilmore Girls streaming on Netflix while I write. Other than the occasional spike in my blood pressure when Lorelai and her mother are fighting (that just hits way too close to home) the show has been a part of my life a long time, so I’m used to the voices and don’t need to pay attention to the dialogue.

On the other hand, if you’re used to writing at a crowded coffee house or blaring dance music through your head phones, you might want to try complete silence, although I recommend playing Enya in the background. Anything you can think of to mix things up so your brain can switch gears and you can get your focus back, will be helpful.

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3. When in doubt, SPEAK your words!

This one is my new personal favorite and it happens to be the method which I’m using at this moment. I’m taking a light stroll around the block with my beloved dog-son Jasper, not writing a single word. I’m using a wonderful dictation app that I’ve downloaded onto my smartphone.

This goes right along with the “change-up your environment” idea discussed in number 2. This is changing the way that I actually write because instead of doing so with a pen or typing onto a keyboard, I’m literally speaking my words into my phone! 

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4. Reading other blogs is always a great way to get ideas 

If you need to write a blog post on a particular topic but can’t decide on the best approach, find another blog post on a similar topic. Reference it, and discuss that blog postThis would be something more like responding to someone else’s work.

If the original post is lengthy and detailed, break it down for your readers and help them apply it to their lives. You could even contact the author of the piece that you’ve chosen and create an interview from the inspiration that you’ve gained while reading their work! Not only have you come up with a fresh take on someone else’s ideas but you’ve connected with a fellow “Blogger Buddy” and that my friend, is priceless.

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5. Just land on a topic…

Then consider a few places where you can find ideas on the topic and how to flesh it out. By knowing the specific topic you are writing about, you actually have more tools available to help break through your writer’s block. 

  • Check out some blog posts in your RSS reader and note some ideas from your own niche topic that are trending at this time.
  • Open your Bookmarks bar and take a look at all the articles you’ve bookmarked over the past few weeks, then draw inspiration from some of the most marked topics.
  • Take a look at your most popular blog posts and repurpose them on your Podcast, a Periscope Q&A or discuss it on your YouTube channel.

6. Write backwards!

If you have the end of your blog post in mind, go ahead and write it. Then read it. Then go back to the beginning of the paragraph and just START! If the beginning of your article happens to pop out, great! If it’s the middle or you decide to insert an image there, that’s fine too. The editing options we have in this computer age are a luxury. Imagine if your only option was a typewriter?! Feel better now?

27. Clear your head and take a walk

I talked about this earlier when I took my phone and spoke into my dictation app while walking. Sometimes though, you just need to get out and leave your phone behind. Also, if you have a dog….they LOVE being taken out for an extra lap around the neighborhood, so it’s a win-win!

8. Write something else entirely!

I mentioned earlier that I have 11 post drafts in my Editorial Calendar. I’ve experienced the worst case of writer’s block over the past few months! I’ll start writing a blog post, then my drive will fizzle away but I always save my drafts. I think I’ve used this “trick” for too long BUT I have a lot content, so it’s not for a lack of writing something!

Breaking Through Writer’s Block, From Other

Bloggers’ Perspectives


9. Figure out if you actually have any blogging fears 

I read this great article about writer’s block vs procrastination on Blogging Tool Kits. The site’s author, Claire mentions a reader that emailed her with a few of her own fears about blogging. I’ve listed them below, along with Claire’s take on some more blogging fears that this reader and others may have.

Reader’s blogging fear:

  • Lack of courage
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Fear that no-body will like or even buy her products.

Other blogging fears could be:

  • ‘Little guy syndrome’ – Inferiority to larger, established blogs
  • “Who will want to listen to what I have to say?”
  • “I’m not an author/writer”
  • “What if no-one leaves any comments?”

10. You’re creating your writer’s block because you’re just sick & tired of writing!

This perspective comes from Hubspot’s Marketing Blog and highlights the “sick & tired” road to accidental self-sabotage (aka: writer’s block). 

“I’m sick of this.” “I hate this.” “Not again.” “Can’t stand it!” “I’m gonna quit.”

If you’ve ever thought — or said — those things about writing, you’re not alone. I’ve experienced those thoughts. As someone who writes a lot, I get it.

After a while, you get sick and tired of writing. You just want to quit. Is it that notorious condition known as writer’s block? It could be, but in many cases it’s a little different.

There are a few things going on:

  • You’re bored with what you’re writing about. Boredom kills affection.
  • You’ve exhausted your creative energy. Creativity, like a muscle, has its limits. Push it too hard, and it caves in.
  • You need something more challenging. Lack of challenge — goals, vision, perspective — leads to disillusionment.
  • You need some fresh experiences. Fresh experiences will give you a fresh perspective.

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I hope that all of you found some inspiration in these 10 creative ways to break through writer’s block. Just writing this post has been incredibly helpful to me, clearing up my case of writer’s block! I also learned a lot about myself as a writer, creator, thinker and entrepreneur.

I’d love to hear if you have experienced any eye-opening revelations about yourself as a writer or any potential road blocks that get in your way? Please let me know in the comments section!

Jessica Rose Adams 
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