This is really hard! Blogging, keeping up with social media, daily “scopes”, keeping up with comments, emails, IMs, & DMs from your community, that reaches every corner of the web of which your Brand has a presence. It’s more than hard, it’s exhausting (Drink some coffee) but don’t you love it? If you don’t love it, if it doesn’t excite you to jump out of bed and write, write, write about your specific niche….talk, talk, talk about that niche at length….then explain, respond and repeat, day in and day out….what are you doing this for?

Because while it is hard to become a professional blogger, you went into this excited, nervous, terrified about money, the mortgage and still chose to make a go of this as a profession. Let’s face it, nothing else in life was doing it for you. You have a huge heart and a mind like a sponge! You want to watch, listen & learn from the best in your niche and from your readers, your community! You continue to read any/all e-books, infographics & PDFs you can get your hands on. You take webinars, e-courses and online university classes to boost your skill level. You watch tutorials on YouTube & Periscope, vigorously taking notes to add even more credibility to your name! Take a Tylenol.

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But man, it’s hard. Your feet hurt even though you’re sitting at your laptop most of the day. Your neck really hurts because you’re not sitting at your desk ergonomically correct. Your check register shows these automatic payments for each month that include web hosting, social media automation, premium plug-ins, an email marketing subscription, Adobe Acrobat & Photoshop, a backup system such as Dropbox for your website and all the other stuff that you’re creating and/or consuming. And let’s not forget all the random debits for an e-book from Jeff Bullas here, a course from Ray Edwards there, a few premium digital art pieces from Canva and ooooh…I need to watch this “Pro Blogger Q&A” scope from Darren Rowse NOW! Take an Advil.

Have you posted to Twitter 50+ times today (hopefully with a social media automation tool)? Did you say something insightful on your Facebook Page or answer all the questions directed at you in your Facebook Group? Have you PINNED helpful tips onto your Pinterest Boards (and those that you contribute to) consistently, throughout the day and optimized everything for mobile so you’ll get some love on Instagram? Hey, did you record that Podcast yet?! No wait, that’s tomorrow. Today you actually scheduled time for a shower! But only because you need to “scope” later on and don’t want to look like a bum when you go LIVE on Periscope. What, like you don’t have a hair & makeup drawer in your desk too….Take a muscle relaxer.

Not a fan of pills? It’s okay, you should still keep blogging. Not a fan of longer hours than you had at your 9-5, at least for the first or possibly two years? It’s okay, you still need to keep blogging! “This blogging business sounds like torture Jess, why in the world are you working harder at it than any other career you’ve attempted in your entire life?!” says my mother when she notices I’m online at 3am (she is too these days because she’s completing her Master’s Degree through an Online University!).

So, what do I say to my worried mother? “Because I LOVE it. I love the people I meet! Handfuls of brand new people every day and the people who I met months or even years ago, we still say ‘hi’ most days too! I love the sound of their voices when I watch them rock a scope! Or for those people who take advantage of my Strategy Sessions, when I point them in the right direction for an issue they’re having, it’s the best feeling! I love to help people who are no different from me, yet different in every possible way. Working with someone to discover their passion niche, then watching them over time as they turn that passion into a profitable online business, is an incredible thing to witness!”

I don’t know if your mother or spouse (mine hates the hours but gets it) is worried about you or if you’re worried about you?! But please, take it from me…stick with your blogging! I promise you, if you do everything that I’ve mentioned in this post, keep at it consistently and put your all into, there’s NO WAY that you can fail. “But what about ALL of the people who DO fail?” They didn’t stick it out. They didn’t find their passion niche. They didn’t open their eyes & ears, then keep their mouths shut. They weren’t in love with blogging. I am madly in love with Blogging and the life that I’ve been able to create for myself as a result. Are you in love with Blogging? Please share your responses, comments & questions in the comments section below!

Jessica @alegriasmuse

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Yet….Stick To Your Blogging!

  1. I loved this post Jess! Yes it’s me the other Jess. It was a good summary and also motivation with links and everything! I could do this all day and night without getting paid for it. I get it! Started my blog now I’m working on structure and content. You are such a great teacher. Thank you

    Posted on November 10, 2015 at 4:35 pm
    1. Um…yeah, I love you Jess!! Seriously, I NEED you to be in my course come January because your enthusiasm and personality will just LIFT the entire group! 🙂 I’m SO happy that you are encouraged by just one thing I share and to hear you tell me many times that you’ve been encouraged, is such a blessing. I’m truly grateful to have you as a friend & also in my “tribe of muses” <3 Jess

      Posted on November 12, 2015 at 2:53 pm