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Twitter is a very popular and very loud social media platform. There are 7,735 Tweets going out every single second, 460,000 every minute and 662 million+ in a single day.  How in the world is somebody supposed to get noticed on Twitter?

You  want  to  hear  something  even crazier?!  Those  of  us  with  over  1K followers (as I’m writing this article I have 4,718 followers)  are  merely  4%  of the  entire  Twitter population. With all of those numbers and statistics to consider, how does one person stand out in a crowd of billions?  You’ll want to narrow things down and focus directly on your niche, specifically your target audience.

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If You Want People Notice You, You Need to Live In Your Twitter Feed

A simple fact about  Twitter  is  the  more  people  you  follow,  the  less Tweets you actually see from any one person in your Timeline. Even if I were sitting in front of my computer all day just staring at my Twitter feed, I’m still not going to see every single Tweet that comes through. Since no one is actually (hopefully) staring at their Twitter feeds all day chances are, not all of my followers will get to read my genius “thought of the day”, that day’s blog post, a quote I put on an image or that article from Entrepreneur.com that I’m dying to share with them. I assure you, regardless of what you may think you can and should TWEET AT LEAST 2-­3 TIMES AN HOUR, THEN REPEAT YOUR (own) TWEETS (3-4 times throughout a 24 hour period) How will you ever be able to Tweet that many times within 24 hrs?!

If you’re getting serious about using Twitter for the major social media marketing tool that it is, I suggest you cough up $10 for a Buffer account (you can use it for FREE but I highly recommend the Awesome Plan for just $10/mos) so that you can spend 15-20 minutes a day scheduling your new (and old) blog posts, along with RSS feeds from other bloggers you enjoy reading & online mags/websites in your niche. The “Awesome Plan” is appropriately named for its ability to hold 100 posts PER ACCOUNT (you can add multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook Profiles/Pages, LinkedIn & Pinterest accounts) to be scheduled whenever/however many times a day that you choose! Focus on Following a Targeted Audience.

Click here to receive 2 FREE downloads for your Online Resource Library!

You want 75% of the people you follow to be within your specific niche. Another 15% of the accounts you follow should be people within niches that are related to your own. For example,  if you’re an author of fiction you’ll definitely want to follow other authors, fiction writers, publishers, and editors, those within your niche of all things literature. You may also want to follow people who work in literary media as marketers & advertisers, since they directly relate to your niche.

Check Your Notifications Often and Reply to All Comments & Likes

This is great way to engage with your followers or sometimes, a perfect opportunity to gain a follower when someone happens to like your post and you simply say “thanks!” Creating a daily time schedule to check in on your Twitter Notifications (it’s not that hard, you can do it from your phone) is a great idea to make sure that you are connecting with every single person who tries to connect with you. All of the big names on Twitter do it and it’s one of the main reasons why they’ve gained their “big name” status with huge number followings. When you take 5 minutes say, 4 times a day, to check in and start (or continue) a dialogue with someone who liked something you had to say….

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