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7 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind once you’ve made the decision to start blogging. You’re all about getting your voice heard, your brilliant ideas out of your head and onto your keyboard. Your blog is up and running and you’ve started crafting awesome posts with equally amazing visual content! That’s all you need right?

Wrong.  What do you think Bloggers are doing on social media all day, every day?! They’re marketing their blog posts, giving away free materials, promoting their courses, sharing tutorials on live stream apps, doing everything they can to get people to follow them BACK to their blog.

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You’re probably reading this blog post because you clicked on its featured image that you saw on a social media platform, like Pinterest or Instagram. Perhaps you came to this website because you’re a blogger and wanted to check out what a fellow Blogger in your niche is up to?

If nobody knows about my blog, if I don’t have consistent traffic flowing to my site daily, I’m basically writing essays for my friends & family to read. I don’t want to just hope that the exact person I want to see my site, somehow does!

I feel confident that people are able to find the information they’re specifically looking for on my site because I work hard to increase my site’s traffic streams through the very content that I provide.  Social media marketing efforts are just one of many traffic-generating ideas but there are many other ways to ensure people know your site exists, what it provides and just how to get there.

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7 Ways You Can Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

  • Make sure that your Blog has been officially SUBMITTED to all of the major Search Engines. Do NOT assume that they already know about you because you’ve noticed a referral from Google or Yahoo before, on your Jetpack Site Stats (assuming you’re on WordPress).  Unless you’ve actually gone to Google & Yahoo/Bing’s “website submission” links, then your site has not been “crawled” through for page marking purposes. Go do this. Now!
  • Use Share Buttons on your site. SumoMe has a great Share Button Bar that I use on my site but there’s no affiliate links here! Of course you can find a share bar or floating share buttons in your WordPress Plugins menu but I recommend what I like.  I’d also like to share with you the exact buttons that I display on my “Share Bar” because I’ve already done the research as to which are the best buttons to select for the both of us!  Here is my suggestion Pro Blogger’s Share Bar; Facebook’s “like”, Facebook (itself, for sharing a blog post directly onto your profile), Twitter, Pinterest, Buffer (so people can add your posts directly to their own Buffer automation lists), Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, & (for my mobile readers) WhatsApp.


  • Consider the mass popularity of mobile users and you’ll realize just how much traffic you receive from people on their phones! SumoMe does offer a PRO option for Social Share that includes the ability to select share buttons for your website, then separate share buttons for your site’s mobile optimization view.  In this case, you’d want to make sure that you showcase “The Mobile Top Three”; WhatsApp, SMS & Email buttons for your mobile sharing options, along with Facebook, Buffer & LinkedIn. Why did I ditch Twitter and Pinterest for a mobile only view?  

Since you’re already optimizing the images throughout your blog post (you should be!) with Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook share buttons directly imbedded onto the image itself (check out my pics) and you’re also maximizing your Twitter sharing by adding a Click To Tweet in each post, you can ditch those two buttons in your mobile share options ONLY.  If you don’t have the ability to select separate share buttons for mobile and only have a share bar near the top of your blog or individual buttons at the bottom of your posts, at least make sure that you include WhatsApp…and Email if you have the room!

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, VISUAL CONTENT IS A MUST!! Make sure to use Pinterest-friendly images (check pre-set dimensions in Canva, these images are vertical rectangles) with text as your featured image in a blog post.  The featured image is the one that will represent your blog post on social media and since Pinterest in the #2 website for driving traffic to blogs, you can see why this is an important tip to remember.  Make sure that all of your images are visually appealing and sharable throughout each post, although they don’t necessarily have to all be Pinterest-friendly.
  • Go back to your old posts and show them a little love! Your old posts are so…old. Perhaps it’s their time to have a little “work” done 😉 Of the few evergreen pieces of advice in professional blogging, making sure to have a title that is the ultimate combination of catchy, engaging, informative, short enough and long enough, is definitely up there at the top! Think about it, your social media audience sees just one thing about your blog post before deciding to click on it and that is your post’s title. In order to figure out which of your posts you should focus on showing the most love to, you’ll first need to determine your highest rated posts. You can find your analytics in Jetpack’s Site Stats, Google Analytics or an app like Alexa. Then you’re going to freshen up those old popular titles and meta tags or replace them all together, and make sure that all of your featured images are Pinterest-friendly.

Finally, try adding some new or updated information to the post to boost it’s SEO rating and keep that content evergreen! Which brings me to….


  • Optimize your blog posts for SEO (with my preferred choice) Yoast SEO for WordPress. I’m sure you’ve heard people use this famed acronym and it’s possible that while you nod your head along in the conversation, you may not know what it stands for! I know my head nodded along for a while before I knew what it actually was….it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

When someone says that you should optimize your blog post for SEO, they’re literally saying “make sure that your post is effectively highlighted and arranged with keywords, length & readability, outgoing links, a focus keyword, meta description, etc that will actually speak to search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing and increase your posts’ visibility.

  • Engage with other Bloggers, make friends & create your own group of “Blogger Buddies” Comment on other blogs, “like” other blog posts just like you do on Facebook! Always check your dashboard for new comments each time you log onto your website and immediately reply to anyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on your post.

Blogging is a “community sport” since, not only do you want to grow your own tribe or community, but other bloggers are out there trying to do the same thing! There is no need to compete with others in the blogosphere as we all have our own passion niche and even if you’re not alone in that niche, you are the only person with your perspective.

We should be learning from each other, guest posting on each others’ blogs or doing interviews for each other (I’m being interviewed by a Blogger Buddy of mine today!).

Another great reason to have Blogger Buddies is that they’ll be the ones promoting your courses & workshops with free PR that you probably won’t have to ask for! And when your buddies have their own course or workshop, you should be right there to help them out too.

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