Yesterday was the day of the week that I follow a weekly routine for keeping my Pro Blogging Biz organized. I just call it my “get organized day” but it could definitely use a cooler name, if you want to give it one! It’s the same day of every week, where I go through all of my unopened emails from the 7 days prior to this one. I also go through my browsers’ Bookmarks folder for everything I marked since last week, check my private Pinterest board full of content ideas, organizational tips, social media infographics, etc….and much more that I’m going to share with you today.

This is going to feel like a lot of work to do in ONE day but I assure you, I get it done in about 8-10 hours. That includes a lunch & snack break, walking my dog for a half hour and dropping off/picking up my kid from school/after-school camp. I urge anyone seriously attempting to gain (or just maintain) their PRO Blogger status, to implement this routine into one day of your week. See for yourself how much more organized and less frazzled you’ll feel for the next six days!

I urge anyone attempting to gain PRO Blogger status, to add this routine into ONE day of their week Click To Tweet

balance-865079_1280This 8-Part Organization Routine Is For One Day A Week!

  1. Go through all of your category notebooks. If you don’t already have them, go out and buy 3 spiral notebooks at your nearest “dollar store” and label them accordingly; Blog Content Ideas, Media Tips & Ideas (Social Media, Broadcast Media, Visual Content, etc) and Value Propositions & Course Material Ideas. Value Props are freebies (PDFs, e-books, video/email courses, etc.) that you create in order to give away, in my case my How-To Guides, in exchange for an opt-in. You can have someone opt-in to your email list as a subscriber or ask for a “follow” on any social media site you choose, anything you want to exchange your valuable information for. Go through your notes from the past week and begin organizing your main points into a standard outline.
  2. Go through the Bookmarks Folder on your web browser and open everything that you marked in the last week. If it’s a lot of stuff, just skim through each article until you’ve found the reason that you saved a particular webpage. Once you’ve read through the article and finished taking notes in whichever category notebook the topic falls under, delete it. Add these “bookmark notes” to the outline you’ve just created with the notes in your category notebooks.
  3. Check out everything you pinned to your private Pinterest Board in the past week. If you don’t have a private board where you Pin tips, info & ideas for your business that you found throughout the week, it’s time to make one NOW! Pinterest is literally a maze of connectivity, you click on one Pin that you find interesting, scroll down to find 20 more related pins underneath that Pin and you’ve been transported into a maze-like web of information. Having the option to Pin everything you see that is beneficial to your business along the way, it’s like hitting the research goldmine! You can gather enough valuable content in 15 min to last you an entire month. You only need to check out the description of the Pin to determine whether you’ll save it to your private board for THIS very day, when you do your “weekly check” of the board. Save what you need to if there’s something you know you’ll come back to another week but ultimately, try to delete a pin once you’ve read through it for the information you wanted.
  4. Now you need to do the SAME thing with ALL of your emails! The priority here is to go through everything that you didn’t open in the past week but if you’re crunched for time, start with the Primary Inbox folder. I’m not suggesting that you open and read through every single email but at least look at each one to decide whether you need to mark it as important (if you’re on Gmail, you can also mark the Tab Icon to the left of the subject line, to indicate the level of importance). Mostly you’ll confirm which emails to simply delete!

    Image Credit: The Mind Mapping Site
  5. Update your Blog’s Editorial Calendar by planning and scheduling all of your site’s publications for the week ahead. Of course, if you have the time and want to add some ideas for beyond this week, go right ahead! If I’m planning to publish any Guest Posts in the next week, those will be edited and scheduled first. Then I look through my Blog Content Ideas notebook for, well…ideas! Now here’s the cool part about my process, where I take the Bookmarking throughout the week,the categorical note taking, the secret Pinterest board, and create a good ‘ole fashioned writer’s tool called a “Mind Map” (see above), which is easier to create from….an outline (that you’ve been putting together with each step leading to this one). BAM! Once everything has been dumped onto my mind map, I can see how/where all of my ideas come together in one big pot of BLOG SOUP!
  6. Create Visual Content for the next 3-4 days. The rest of my visual content will be created 3 or 4 days from now, depending on my other daily routine schedules (yes, I have all 7 days mapped out. I know this sounds a bit daunting but honestly, it shouldn’t take you that long! Assuming you’re active on what I like to call the “Social Seven” (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & Google+) you’ll definitely need to schedule some posts on these various sites and count out how many separate pieces of visual content you’ll need for each one (you can re-use the same visual content on different sites. You can even re-use it on the same site, as long as it’s relevant and you’re not re-posting in the same hour….same day is fine). Before you get to social media though, you need to make sure that you have visual content for each of your blog posts. It’s a good thing you just updated that Editorial Calendar?!
  7. Plan any live streaming media/recorded broadcasting events for the week & create a marketing schedule for each of them on all of your social OQT16Q7SG7media platforms. Do you have a series of “Scopes” (Periscope) that you do throughout the week, a Blab chat that you co-host with someone each week or a weekly Podcast that regularly goes out to your email subscribers? Perhaps you’re creating a course that you record on YouTube or live-streaming Webinar? If ANY of these apply to you, especially if one or more applies to you, you should have a separate Editorial Calendar for Media. Schedule each of your Media Broadcasts (live or recorded) and note how/when you’re going to market them on social media on their own Editorial Calendar. If you’re just starting out with your “Brand Empire” and haven’t tried any live-streaming video apps or taped any broadcasts just yet (or you just have 1 or 2 quick scopes, etc) you can easily color code these events on your Blog’s Editorial Calendar. Hopefully you’ll need a separate calendar soon….
  8. Complete one new “opt-in/freebie” that you’ll exchange for a subscriber’s email address. Once you’ve finished your freebie (or as I was taught to call it, a content upgrade) send it out to your email subscribers in a brief but encouraging email broadcast by the end of the day. Then go ahead and share it on your blog as an incentive for more email subscribers! You should also “pin” a brief post that includes your content upgrade, on both your Facebook Page/Group & Twitter Profile. Of course, you’ll want to load up your Tailwind for lots of strategic posting and finally, go ahead a create a square shaped pitch of your feebie while you’re at it, for Instagram. If you have an advertising budget for any of these four major social media platforms, consider running a $5-10 ad using your content upgrade as an opt-in to your email list. Run it on your best day/time of the week for traffic, according to the analytics provided for you on each platform.

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As I mentioned earlier, I DO have a routine for EACH day of the week (some lighter than others, I have a kid after all!). I’ve been putting together an e-book with 7 full-day routines and I’m including a few 1/2 day & skip day options for parents or anyone who just wants a day off (not all Entrepreneurs do)! Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in having on your desktop to help keep your Pro Blogging Biz focused, functional & organized!


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