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Play to Your Strengths On Social Media

Yes, Every Blogger Needs To Be On Social Media

I read somewhere recently that a Blogger should have a solid following on at least 3-4 major social media platforms before launching their website. They shouldn’t suddenly try to gain a following on a platform that’s new to them.

The idea being, you should already have a social media marketing strategy in place. It’s the same idea behind having 5-10 blog posts ready to publish before your site launches. Preparation, foundation, preparation.

One can only be so prepared! Besides, not every new Blogger has a SOLID following on 3-4 major platforms prior to their site launch. So what’s the advice that I give to clients just starting out? “Play to your strengths when it comes to social media marketing platforms. “


Only Choose Sites That Play to Your Strengths

Being social in “real life” has many similarities to being “social” on social media. If you’re a “coffee-house with a couple of friends” kind of person, then it wouldn’t make sense to invite your friends out to a strip club! The same rules apply on social media. If you’re into fast-paced, high-volume information coming at you 24/7 on a never-ending timeline, you’d be right at home on Twitter or Facebook. If you’re more of a visual person who enjoys conveying information through images or infographics, you’d probably enjoy Instagram & Pinterest.

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If you’re not a photographer, into taking selfies or “visual content” just isn’t your strong suit, then Instagram & Pinterest probably aren’t your jam! Or visa versa. Play to your strengths, literally! PLAY, have FUN because you’re going to have to be social on social media. If you find a particular app confusing or frustrating and you’ve already got a “solid 3-4 apps” that your biz is rocking socially, you’re good!

Let’s say you’re just not a fan of a particular platform or you’ve given it your all but it’s still not “clicking” for you, then forget about it! I promise, you don’t NEED to be on every social media site. If you’ve been on one or more platforms for a while (personal or business), you’re comfortable and know your way around them, THOSE are the sites where you spend your time & effort.

Create Your Own, Ultimate “Platform Package”

For some, their go-to “package” might be Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ / Instagram or Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter (MY TOP 4) or any variation of those major social media platforms. If your business or blogging ever takes you in a new direction and you’ll know it’s the right time to integrate a new social media platform into your marketing repertoire.

Create a marketing strategy for your business with those platforms. If you’re in your element, your target audience will notice that. They will further trust that you’re an expert in your niche (aside from the information that you provide in your content) if you can easily market that information or a product to them.

What About Live Streaming Apps, Do They Count?

Live streaming social media platforms are still considered somewhat new. But they’re HUGE and they’re not going anywhere! They’re also very much under the same umbrella of “social media platforms”. This means that if you add the live streaming channels with the “traditional” social apps, you still only need to be present on a total of 3-4 social media platforms.

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However, it is important to look at the benefits of live streaming for your business. Last year I noticed that my audience reach had seriously expanded after I creating a steady presence for my business on live streaming, particularly Periscope. I was a child actress and I knew that I’d feel comfortable on camera. See what I did there? I played to my known strengths in order to help grow my business on a popular and effective live streaming video channel.

You don’t need to connect with everyone under the sun because not every major social media platform is going to be the best outlet for your particular niche market. Once you find your “ultimate platform package”, stay focused on building your following and giving your audience sincere, thought-out, and quality content.


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