I’ve recently learned how to design my own Visual Content; Website & Social Media Images/Headers/Footers and Marketing/PR Materials, etc. All while gaining the knowledge of basic graphic design tools for absolutely free on Canva! It’s a wonderful website where you can choose from thousands of layouts, texts styles, background colors/patterns (or upload your own!). You can learn to apply these components to create visual content that’s dimensionally suited for a pin on Pinterest, an Instagram post, a Tweet or my favorite, a Facebook cover that you don’t need to re-adjust in real-time! Part of Canva’s brilliance is that they offer content creation options for all the popular social media sites, since each one has their own special dimensions for sharing such content.

Infograph: Visually Wired

Visual content is a stimulating addition to a traditional blog post, even a newspaper or magazine article. When was the last time that you read an online news article or a blog post that didn’t have visual content? Unless you’re reading a novel, chances are there’s at least a background photo of a sunset, a small caricature Ad in the bottom corner of a page or one of my personal favorites, an infographic, on any given webpage. All of these types of visual content have become the norm in our digitally driven world and are required for any Social Media Marketing, which is an important element for driving traffic to your website!

This is my child, all rights reserved. Literally.

What are some great ways to make sure that a “homemade” visual marketing promo, such as the one on the right, goes viral? Full disclosure, the cutie in this promo is my daughter, Claire. Nothing like keeping it in the family to cut costs on high-quality stock photos! I literally couldn’t find a cuter hippie, so I used my own 😉 To make sure my homemade marketing promos translate to relatable & awesome visual content…



I like to rely on the “3 Cs”:

  1. Cute – Visual content needs to translate into memorable content that will live on in the reader’s mind. People have become so reliant on visual content, either because they don’t have the time or simply don’t care to read through an entire article/post before they get what you’re putting out. Cute goes a long way because let’s face it, cute is memorable.
  2. Connection – Remember when I said these “3 Cs” will make sure that a marketing promo will translate into relatable visual content? Well, that’s exactly what one must do to connect with their audience. Writers have come to rely on wrapping their words into visually appealing packages so that their audience will quickly & easily connect with what they’re saying.
  3. (sometimes) Comical – Often times, humor can make visually appealing content even better. Whether it’s a humorous picture on its own or one that has a funny tagline or joke written directly onto it. (see below)
A delicious Golden Retriever we met at CVS

As for where to create your own visual content, there are some excellent options out there besides Canva (such as Wordswag, VSCOCAM, or Acorn for OSX). I feel Canva is the best option for being user-friendly, FREE (then, if you must buy something, cheap) and the best part is they offer a “Design School Blog”. The “school” covers Typography, Banner Layouts, Book Cover Design, Color Theory, Design Elements & Principles, the list goes on. Oh and did I mention, that the entire Design School is FREE?! They also offer tons of Tutorials, Teaching Materials and Workshops.


*Disclosure: I was NOT paid to promote Canva, it was a pure labor of love.


Jessica @alegriasmuse

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