RSS literally means Rich Site Summary or as it’s often referred to, Really Simple Syndication. It uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information such as blog entries, news headlines, audio & video. Social Media Scheduling Apps such as Hootsuite or Buffer, allow you to enter RSS feeds from your chosen websites to share content other than your own with your social media followers.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Who subscribes to RSS feeds anymore? What is this, 2005?!” It’s true, people no longer tend to subscribe to a site’s RSS feed for their own personal reading use anymore. Nowadays we subscribe to someone’s email list if we think that their content is useful and especially if they’re giving something (like a free e-book) in exchange for our email address!

So you want to be added to RSS feeds?
So you want to be added to RSS feeds?

Since launching alegriasmuse, I’ve been reliant upon my preferred Social Media Scheduling App, Buffer, to deliver fresh content from each of my chosen RSS feeds, directly to both of my Twitter accounts (one for each biz), Pinterest account and Facebook Page. The idea being that while I’m sitting here writing a blog post, there’s still quality, consistent content being shared with my followers on each of my social media platforms.


Some of the most popular and highly rated Social Media Scheduling Apps are Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Co-Schedule & Post Planner (to name a few). If you already use one of these apps you’ve most likely experienced the following scenario: You’re selecting various posts from your feeds lists and notice that one of your RSS feeds hasn’t been posting interesting, consistent content as it once did.

Fortunately, when this happens all you need to do is simply delete and replace. If you have at least 10K followers on social media, there’s a good chance that these people have come to expect quality, consistent content from you. Not all the content that you share of course, has to come directly from you! In fact, one of the most important reasons behind someone choosing to follow you on Twitter, for example, is that they trust the additional sources of content that you provide besides just your own.

Increase Your Odds of Showing Up In RSS Feeds

Just as your social media fans rely on you to put content in front of them, there are other Bloggers out there who may look to your RSS feed to provide content for their audience. You need to be able to rely on the feeds that you’ve chosen to serve your audience with great content but the same thing goes for you! If you want your site/blog to be added to someone’s RSS feed then you’ve got to create consistent, interesting, quality content throughout a given day/week or you’ll be deleted and replaced, just like that.

Sharing the best quality content to your social media audience, content from sources that you trust and that share a vision that aligns with your own biz, brand message, style & topics, is how you retain your audience. In order to share content from these trusted sources consistently (i.e., several times an hour!) you need to hire a Social Media Manager to manually post on your behalf or you need to use a Social Media Scheduling App.

Manually enter your favorite RSS feeds
Manually enter your favorite RSS feeds

These apps allow you to enter the RSS feed links from your favorite, most trusted content sources (blogs/websites) from throughout the web. You can schedule out the date/times when you want articles from certain sites to post to a specific social media platform.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs/sites to choose from on the web. In order to stand out you MUST go that extra mile to make sure your content gets the people who have selected you, lots of re-tweets, shares, pins, re-blogs and re-posts.

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