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6 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety

When I was 11 I began suffering from horrific panic attacks, as early as my first semester in sixth grade. My mother assumed I was nervous about a boy and didn’t think anything of it. Right….I was just throwing up every single morning as a result of these apparently harmless “butterflies”. It was “a pre-teen phase that (I) would soon grow out of,” she said. She was right. One day during the summer after sixth grade, I stopped throwing up. I wasn’t bulimic because I hadn’t been forcing anything, I was simply “stressed” as one doctor put it. What does an 11 year-old have to be stressed about? Actually, 11 year-olds these days can be plenty stressed but I was not….I was anxious.

Fast forward eight years to the next time this series of random upchucking had started. I was 19 and the sheer terror that I’d felt as a child was beginning again. At least then I was old enough to seek treatment myself and thankfully I did. I received a diagnosis of GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I felt such relief that there was a term for what I had….I wasn’t crazy! Of course my doctor wanted to put me on all kinds of drugs which would have knocked me out all day and that was totally the condition I needed to be in during my Freshman year of college….(insert sarcastic tone here). So I started looking into other ways to chill myself out and this article totally reminds me of the stuff I had looked into back then and that helped me out tremendously!

Disclosure: I did end up taking one daily medication for about a year, that helped me out a great deal. I also incorporated things you’ll read about in this article, such as Identifying my Triggers, Changing My Perspective and my favorite (that I still do today), MEDITATION!! I strongly believe that if medication is necessary, get on it for as long as you need! But from the start, have a clear vision of how you will live your life when you’re off the medication and start using those methods right away. I am not a doctor, just an anxious person who has experienced real relief!

Please, read on and share if you know someone that’s feeling the way I did. They’re not crazy, they’re anxious….6 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Jessica @alegriasmuse

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