What Blogger doesn’t love a long, detailed list of blog topics and writing prompts, easily accessible from their laptop? It sure makes creating your editorial calendar for the month a lot easier! If you don’t already have an editorial calendar for your blogging business, I talk about several reasons you should be using one in my article, Why Your Blog Needs an Editorial Calendar.

The list of 100 Blog Topics that I’m referring to is from the CEO of Owner Media Group and NY Times Bestselling Author, Chris Brogan. This list is truly spectacular as these blog topics aren’t just titles for potential posts, rather, thought-provoking, intelligent and downright funny topics surrounding your blog or business and your reader’s foray into some personal moments behind the scenes.

Brogan divides 10 blog topics into different sets such as “Give people recipes and they’ll see how to use your services” or “You probably won’t dare to use these at your company”. My favorite set is “Getting personal can have a big impact” and not for the reason you may be thinking. Forget your usual perception of personal blog topics, like “which is your favorite holiday?” or “what are your favorite books?”

What I love about the way Brogan crafts his personal blog topic ideas, is their direct relationship to your business. Such as “What Your Kids Can Teach You About (your business)” and “Our Favorite Foods and What It Tells You About (your business)”. Sure it’s fun to talk about how are kids effect us as professionals and talking about something as easy to share as our favorite foods….why not?!

Brogan’s take on these personal topics that have no real relation to our business is to well, relate it to our business! It’s that simple. And by doing so, we’re able to share a personal side of ourself with our readers while showing them how/where our personal & professional life connect. Once you’ve successfully connected a personal story with it’s direct relationship to our blog or business, you can apply this topic/idea to all sorts of personal stories that are appropriate and fun!

Check out the entire list of blog topics from Chris Brogan here and don’t forget to save the PDF version that he offers at the end of the article. It’s definitely something you’ll want to keep on hand!

Jessica @alegriasmuse


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